Welcome to MyWardrobepage.com, a new social networking (startup) focused not only on fashion and fashion trends, but also on wardrobe transfer to the virtual world, sharing, shopping and selling. Of course, uploading, sharing and commenting on statuses, creating pages, and sending private messages.



Mission and vision

MyWardrobepage's core mission is to use the social network and all social networking features (creating statuses, sharing statuses with friends, commenting on statuses, creating websites, tracking sites) in relation to fashion.

Higher mission MyWardrobepage is the future of an electronic wardrobe. Today, many people have a lot of clothing, jewelery and accessories. People are losing sight of things they have. It is often the case that people forget about new things because they are based in a wardrobe. Moving clothes and accessories into an electronic version creates a completely different dimension of an electronic wardrobe, its overview, search, combining and sharing wardrobe with friends. You can look online for what you have in your wardrobe, you can better combine your clothes and plan to buy new things.

Imagine your modern wardrobe in the apartment or dome that is equipped with a built-in tablet where you can access your electronic wardrobe. Imagine you are online to find new clothes for your legs. Did you decide to get rid of some things? Edit your wardrobe, enter the price and wait for the candidate.

Virtual wardrobe

If you have a store or shop, create your own site and build your own clientele. Put your tablet in the shop where customers can see things you have at the store. MyWardrobepage.com's usage options are unlimited.

The MyWardrobepage.com project includes a large catalog of products that are being sold. The catalog summarizes the products by country where this product is sold.

Katalóg produktov

The MyWardrobepage.com project includes the creation of an International Clothing Code (ICC) and an international clothing database. So, people get the garment code information about who's made the clothes, where ... At the same time, I can put the clothes in my virtual wardrobe on the basis of the code. This transmits the information, images directly from the ICC database. For the international clothing database, there is a registered domain www.internationalclothingcode.com with a simple page.
International Clothing Code


How it came about

MyWardrobepage.com was designed and created in the living room by the only author, programmer and founder - Milan Bednár (CEO) Slovakia. The entire project was created in the evening and night hours and lasted about 6 months. The project is currently in further development and is looking for investors or partners. The initial name of the project was MyWardrobebook.com. In October, the name changed to MyWardrobepage.com. This also involves a complete change in the appearance of the project. The project consists of several phases. Currently in phase I - Test run MyWardrobepage.com. Test run started on May 28, 2017.

Are you interested in the idea of the project? Can you Donate it?

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